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My name is Bob Macklin. I received the call K5MYJ in 1957. My first station was a home brew 6AG7/807 transmitter from a mid 50's ARRL handbook and Hallicrafters S-38 (the one with the real BFO). The S-38 had been RE-KITTED by a Master Sergeant in my squadron, The first thing I had to do was to reassemble it and get it operating.

I am a retired Electronic Engineer. I was a member of the group the made the first PC in 1953. That one used the Intel 8008 microprocessor. In 1954 we changed to the Intel 8080. We purchased the first license for CP/M from Gary Kildall. CP/M was the predecessor to MS-DOS. I was the designer of the original Centronics printer port. 

In 1964 I worked for the company that was  main supplier of magnetic tape recorders Walt Disney Enterprises. I was the assistant manager on the recorders used on the Small, Small World and the GE Carousel of Progress.

In the mid 70's I was hired to work on NASA's C-141 Airborne Observatory. I was the designer of the Star Tracking system that held the telescope on the star being studied. I spent about four years on the C-141 then I went to the University of Arizona as the Sr. EE on the Steward Observatory telescopes. During this period on of my projects was to study LIGHTNING PROTECTION on the mountain tops. That was both interesting and dangerous.

After leaving the university in 1984 I spent most of the remainder of my career in the Hard Disk Drive industry. Mostly as a firmware engineer.


My current interest is restoring and operating Vintage Radios (BOATANCHORS). I also restore vintage test equipment.


Millen 90800 Exciter